Eyre Peninsula Railway Preservation Society Inc.

Going Loco


Genessee & Wyoming Australia (now OneRail Australia) have very kindly donated a locomotive and a bulk grain hopper to the Port Lincoln Railway Museum. We are grateful for their generosity in preserving these important historical items, both of which are intimately tied to Eyre Peninsula's railway heritage.

850 and HAN3 together will provide a permanent reminder of the importance of rail to the agriculture industry on Eyre Peninsula -- they illustrate half a century of grain haulage to the ports of Port Lincoln and Thevenard.

To ensure that they are protected from the elements (and vandalism), the Museum is providing a substantial shelter structure.

Thanks to major grants from the Port Lincoln Community Bank (Bendigo Bank) and the History Trust of South Australia, and generous donations from many supporters, we have now reached our fundraising target to allow this significant project to proceed.

We would be grateful for any donations to assist with some peripheral expenses for the project. If you would like to make a contribution, please use the donation form here. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Locomotive 850 was the first diesel-electric loco on Eyre Peninsula (and was also the first narrow gauge diesel-electric on the South Australian Railways). It was delivered new to Port Lincoln on 24 March 1962, and spent its entire working life hauling grain, gypsum and general freight trains on Eyre Peninsula. It was one of the locos which brought the final grain train into Port Lincoln on 31 May 2019.
Bulk grain hopper HAN3 entered service at Port Lincoln on 1 September 1969. It was one of 68 HAN class aluminium-bodied hopper wagons constructed at the SAR's Islington Workshops. The HAN hoppers were built specifically for Eyre Peninsula and spent their entire working lives here. HAN3 was in the consist of the last grain train on 31 May 2019.

January 2022

The steelwork for the new shed was delivered to the site in January. Exciting progress!

December 2021

One Rail Australia have very kindly re-railed the disconnected siding which will be home to 850 and HAN3, and the bogies on which they will be placed are now in position. The components for the shed are now being manufactured.

We expect that 850 and HAN3 will be craned across early in the New Year, and this will clear the way for erection of the shed to commence.